Wooden Handicraft Items – Rich History of Indian Handicrafts

India is very well known for the ethnicity. As far as culture and art are concerned, India is one of the most ethnically rich countries of the world. It has been a great privilege of the country that there are very skilled craftsmen here. Artistic people have made Indian handicrafts famous in the world. Many rural citizens still earn their income by creating creative objects of wooden handicraft items.
Thus, India has a rich history of handicrafts which has evolved over the centuries. The entire estate of timeless Indian handicrafts has been alive since ages. Indian cultural heritage gives assurance of all things like beauty, dignity, form, and style. The compelling insistence of Indian culture resides in its rarity and its mysterious tones, which amaze people.

Traditional Craft Techniques:

Wooden Handicraft Items were established in India very long before the statues of stones came into life. Numerous goods were made by shaping from wooden pieces by the artists. Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Karnataka, and UP are well known for the exclusive timber work. Many common wooden items like an ax, utensils, toys, decorative items, jewelry and several decorative items for the household. Also many other items such as candle stand, lamp shade, jewelry box, vermilion box, bangle holder etc. are used in every Indian home.

Wood – As a Versatile Object for Handicraft:

Traditional craftsmanship is perhaps the most tangible sign of intangible cultural heritage. The wood, is a material, that when being worked properly allows us to create multiple forms. For wood crafts, it is necessary to apply various techniques, resulting in a great diversity of products. There are different woods, some are hard and others soft, which has nothing to do with the ease of carving. The hardness refers to the degree of porosity that the fiber has, i.e. a wood is hard if it is compact and is soft if the fiber is absorbent. There are a number of simple tools needed when working with wood. In crafts, this is achieved with simple materials and it doesn’t require modern or costly tools for the handicraft.

Wooden Handicraft Items:

There is a whole range of handicrafts and hand tools depending on the materials, processing procedures and uses, ranging from the rustic object that is made for self-consumption purposes, to the elaborate artistic forms.
There is a list of wooden handicraft items come such as Photo Frame, Carved Boxes, Wooden Trays, Wooden Clocks, and Wooden Toys. Also many other items such as Wooden Statues, Temples, Showcase, Decorative Wooden Boxes, Wooden Traditional Jewelry, Wooden Lamp, Wooden Cases, Wooden Pen Stand, and many numerous items.

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